Differences in the LED light Between hygger 978 and 999

Does aquarium light necessary for all tanks? The short and definitive answer is No. However, adding an aquarium light is vital for some aquariums, like planted aquariums. And today’s article will discuss two hygger aquarium lights – 978 and 999. After reading, we hope you can pick a better one for your tank. Without any more delay, let’s get started right away.

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About 978 and 999 aquarium light

Hygger 978 aquarium light

To make 978 emit bright light, it has super-bright 6500K white LEDs and full-spectrum RGB LEDs. And it can brighten out the colors of fish and plants. Also, considering that the light may heat the aquarium water while running. 978 light is made of a sleek, black metal aluminum shell, which produces little heat, almost negligible. Moreover, the adjustable metal legs improve the tank applicability of 978 light.

Hygger 999 aquarium light

The WRGB lamp beads are applied to the 999 LED aquarium light. And it possesses a color rending index of 89. To avoid splashing or accidentally falling into the water, the light is fully sealed. Besides that, to promote the effectiveness of heat transfer, 999 light is made of a 1.2 mm aluminum alloy metal shell. In addition, the light has a wired controller with an LCD monitor, which enables you to check detailed information, including current time, current mode, start and end time of running, current light color, and brightness. There are six setting buttons for you to set the working mode quickly.

Differences in Watt, Lumen, diodes, and spectrum

Before digging into deeper learning of 978 and 999 aquarium lights, let’s take a look at the basic information about the two aquarium lights, like watt and lumen.

Attention. Tips here:

  • the “√” in the table below means that the aquarium light has the feature
  • the “×” in the table below means that the light does not possess the feature
Items Hygger 978 aquarium light Hygger 999 aquarium light
Suitable tank sizes 12–54 inches 12–54 inches
Watts 14W/18W/22W/26W/36W/42W 14W/18W/22W/26W/36W/42W
Kelvin White: 6500K
Blue: 455 nm
Red: 620 nm
Green: 560 nm
Lumens 817/1075/1583/1662/2778/2815 820/1120/1480/1720/1980/2160
LED QTY 58/98/115/138/158/215PCS 58/98/115/138/158/215PCS
Waterproof grade: IP 68
Extendable brackets
Fast heat dissipation
Power-off memory function
Controller Wired controller Wired controller
LCD monitor ×
Separable adapter
Setting buttons Four Six
Programming mode Two modes
(24/7 mode & DIY mode)
Three modes
(day/night/DIY mode)
Brightness change 5 (10%/25%/50%/75%/100%) 10 (10%-100%)
Available colors 7
(red/blue/green/purple/cyan/orange/full spectrum light)
It depends on the programmable modes

Pros of 978 and 999 aquarium light

The 978 aquarium light has a separable adapter. As a result, if damaged, it is no need to replace the whole light. Also, the light is soft, and the color rendering index is close to natural light, which avoids causing discomfort for fish and humans. Additionally, the 978 light is suitable for freshwater fish-only tanks and planted tanks.

On the other side, 999 aquarium light is mainly designed for tanks keeping freshwater fish and aquatic plants, especially plants demanding low light. By scientifically adjusting, the three primary colors simulate natural light without flickering. It boosts the growth of aquatic plants and makes the water more sparkly clean from a visual. The ultra-bright LED light is beneficial to green aquarium plants and is ideal for freshwater fish and aquarium plants of low light but high brightness. Also, the 999 light has a power-off memory function for the use of an IC memorizer. Consequently, the setting of the aquarium light will not be lost after resuming work.

Which one is better for your fish tank?

After knowing more about 978 and 999 light, which one is better for your fish tank? In this segment, let’s talk something about that. It depends on what you keep in your tank. For instance, if you have a freshwater fish-only aquarium, the 978 light would be a better alternative.

On the other side, 999 light would be a better option for freshwater tanks. As for planted tanks, it is determined by the light requirements of your aquatic plants. Provided that the aquatic plants in your tank need low light but high brightness, 999 light would be a better choice. Aside from that, it is feasible to add the 978 light for a 10-gallon aquarium containing plants requiring low, medium, or high light levels. Just check the light specifications before purchasing.

By the way, if you want to know more about how to program 978 and 999 aquarium lights, you can go to the relative topics below:

That is all for today. If you have any questions about 978, 999, or other hygger products, you can always leave messages in the comments or contact us. We are happy to help you out. Also, if you are interested in more additional information about aquarium lights, please read Aquarium Lighting Basics Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four. Wish you the best in your aquatic effort. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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Comments (9)

  1. Hi there do you guys have a rough idea of the par value for the 26w 978 light please. Many thanks

    Apr 15, 2024 Reply
    • Hi Alan,
      The 26W 978 light has the 172.2 PAR.

      hygger team

      Apr 15, 2024 Reply
  2. Hello, i want to Buy the Hygger 018 Clip on Light with 22W. What are the Lumens and Par on this device. I want to know if it is a Medium or a High level Light?
    Thank you

    Mar 30, 2024 Reply
    • Hi Armin,
      The hygger 018 Clip on light 22W has a 181.2 PAR, it is a medium level light.

      hygger team

      Apr 1, 2024 Reply
  3. Hello, do you have PAR readings for these light at 12 and 18 inches?

    Aug 25, 2023 Reply
    • Hi Mahesh,
      We test all the light’s PAR value but we don’t have the table about it.
      The 12-18 inches PAR is about 70 PAR.

      hygger team

      Aug 25, 2023 Reply
  4. I have 4 model 978 Hygger lights. Are they considered low, med , or high lights?

    wiliam e cox
    Apr 17, 2023 Reply
    • Hello, Wiliam. Actually, the light intensity of 978 light varies with different power. 14W 978 light with 817 lumens can be low light. While 18W with 1075 lumens and 22W with 1583 lumens belong to medium light. Also, 26W with 1662 lumens, 36W with 2778 lumens, plus 42W with 2815 lumens can be high light. Just take it as reference. We hope it is helpful to you.
      Hygger team

      Apr 18, 2023 Reply
    • Hi, Wiliam. You can learn more about light levels in https://www.hygger-online.com/aquarium-lighting-basics-part-six/

      Hope it is helpful.
      hygger team

      Oct 20, 2023 Reply

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