Hygger Quick Water Changer

Dirt Suction, Sand Washing, Water Changing


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?Multi-function: This Gravel cleaner can be used for water changes, sand washing and dirt absorption. Easy to remove fish faeces, impurities, and turbid water from aquarium.
?Unique design: This Gravel cleaner is the latest design with more power suction power to provide a better user experience. The patented design provides a more comfortable grip.
?Adjustable Handle Design : Aquarium gravel cleaner with 2 extension tubes for a total length of 40.9 inches. It can be extended from 22.4 inch to 40.9 inch. Applied to depth below 31.5 inch aquariums.
?Prevent blocking Design: The gravel cleaner has an internal filter screen to prevent blockage by gravel. It effectively separates and removes debris from your aquarium.
?Larger extension tube: This Larger extension tube with 1 xl-l/8inch allow to use in bigger Aquariums.
?Long outlet strap hose design: 79inch strap hose to satisfy your needs,suitable for small or large aquarium.
?Easy to assemble and use: Quick assembly within one minute. Just mount the water inlet and outlet. Push the siphon switch several times until the water fills with the whole outlet strap tube. Then, release the siphon switch and water can flow out automatically. Equip a flow control valve and the hose fixture clamp. The outlet strap hose can be hung on the bucket and the water flow can be adjusted freely.
?Silent Design: The aquarium gravel cleaner is manual in operation. The only noise is that of water.
?Powerful Vacuum : It has enough power to clean every corner of the tank without wet hands, quickly draining dirty water.



Brand: Hygger
?Material: PP+ABS
?Outlet strap hose: 79inch
?PVC Water Hose outer diameter: 18mm/0.7inch
?PVC Water Hose inner diameter: 14mm/0.55inch
?Extension tube diameter: 1-1/8inch


Soft hose, water flow clamp
1 x Rod handle(1 pc gravel changer+2pcs extension tubes+1 pc extension tube connector)
1 x Debris Vacuum
1 x Outlet strap hose
1 x Flow control valve
1 x Hose fixture clamp