Hygger Aquarium Sponge Filter 15 to 55 Gallon

【Changeable filter material】Two kinds of replaceable filter materials: sponge + filter box.
【Upgrade filter】Aquarium filter can increase the amount of water dissolved, ultra-quiet, not easy to block, can be installed with filter material.
【Suitable Size】 The medium sponge filter is 6.3 inch width and 9 inch to 13 inch height, the sponge inside circle diameter is 0.59 inch.


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Product description

Size:15 to 55 Gallon(M)

– Effective biochemical filtration
Made from food grade materials, it is equipped with 4 environmentally-friendly filter sponges to filter impurities in water more effectively.

– Cultivation of beneficial bacteria
The ribbed sponge has a large surface area, which facilitates colonization of nitrifying bacteria and accelerated circulation .

– Improve dissolved oxygen
The combined use of air pumps can increase the oxygen level in the water, achieve oxygenation and dual biological filtration, and keep the water clean.

– Energy saving without noise
With the air pump as the driving force, there is no power device itself, and there is no noise during operation.

– Replaceable filter media
Two kinds of filter materials: filter cotton (including 2 spare) + filter box (including filter ceramic ball). Biochemical cotton can be cleaned or replaced; the filter cartridge media can be replaced with other media such as carbon, ammonia absorbent.

– High-quality materials
Comes with 2 suction cups that can be installed anywhere. The air and water outlets are adjustable so you can change direction and height. All parts of the sponge filter can be removed for cleaning. The bottom of the filter is rotated 360 degrees to change the direction of the sponge.

1. When using for the first time, squeeze the sponge filter into the water tank for 5 minutes, easy to digest and form bacterial colonies.
2. Use the water in the aquarium when washing the sponge. Do not rinse the sponge with a tap or hot water until you see no more dirty water in the sponge.
3. It is recommended to replace the sponge and bioceramic ball every 6-8 months.

1 * Double sponge filter for aquarium
4 * Filter sponge
1 * Ceramic filter media
2 * Suction cup