Hygger DC Water Pump 25W 800GPH 9.8ft

25W, 800GPH, 9.8ft
33W, 1060GPH, 13.1ft
40W, 1350GPH, 13.1ft
55W, 1720GPH, 14.8ft
65W, 2120GPH, 18ft
80W, 2650GPH, 19.7ft


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Quiet and powerful operation: Sine wave technology makes the pump run smooth and ultra quiet.
Two working modes:
?Normal working mode: adjustable flow rater mode.
?Feed mode: turns the pump off for 10 minutes for feeding.
Automatic power off protection design: When the pump detects no water, default phase or over voltage, it will power off automatically. The motor will also power off if the rotor is blocked. Once the pump detects no water, it will shut off automatically for 2 minutes. If you want restart the pump immediately, pull the plug out and plug into power again, the pump will restart again.
Adjustable water flow rate and lift head: Variable frequency powered DC controller can offer up to 71 different speed settings for steady flow mode. It’s convenient and easy to control the pump.
Energy saving technology: DC motor with magnetic drive and ceramic shaft design saves more energy and operates safely.
Perfect aquarium bottom suction pump and submersible return pump: Two types intake screen design , one is special intake screen which can suck up the bottom water, the dirt and detritus in sumps or aquariums. Also can be installed externally(inline). Special o-ring design make the best waterproof.
Suitable for freshwater and saltwater: Non-metal design is perfect submersible return pump for freshwater and saltwater aquariums and sumps.


ATTENTION:The pump must be connected with the controller and the 24V adaptor correctly before working.
A.LED display and controller key instruction
As indicated in able diagram, the LED indicates power work/stop (On/Off) and fault code. The panels are touch-control.
B.Operating instruction
After connecting to the pump, the control is set to perform the last operation model. LED display is on. “”PXXX”” is shown on LED display, P is short for power, ??PXXX””is show the rate of work. There are 71 settings for working model. When you touch ??/?? button, LED will show the instant working model, you can set different power to suitable your needs.
??FXXX””is show the working model. When you press ??/?? button, the LED display will show ”FXXX”” from 30 to 100. You also can press ??/?? button for several seconds, the working model will change between F030 and F100 continuously. More than 1 second never setting ??/?? button, the LED display will show “”PXXX watts””automatically.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Power adapter
1 x DC water pump
1 x Controller
2 x O-ring
2 x Pump screen inlet
1 x User manual
Outlet or inlet fittings as following: