Hygger Adjustable 158GPH 12W Aquarium Filter

Efficient 3-Stage Filtration, Water Flow Adjustable, Quiet Aquarium Filter, With a Floating Skimmer.


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WHAT IS IT: ??Fish tank filtration. Has a filter box, which can put a variety of filter materials, and the filter effect is stronger. ??Water circulation. Waterfall type, the water flow can be adjusted according to the needs of the fish tank. ??Aquarium oxygenation. Widen the water outlet, the outlet water is slow, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water can be increased. ??Can remove oil stains.
PRINCIPLE OF FILTRATION: ??The turbid water at the bottom of the fish tank enters the long tube; ??Plus the surface scum removes surface oil stains; ??Dirty water passes through 3 in 1 filter media container; ??Filtered clean water flows out in a waterfall manner (water flow can be adjusted).
MORE EFFECTIVE: There has a surface skimmer on the long tube. It can automatically telescopically float or rotate with the water level to remove oil stains on the surface and make the water clean.
THREE-LAYER FILTER – REPLACEABLE: First floor: Bio-sponge.Cultivate nitrifying bacteria, filter out impurities and fish manure; Second floor: Activated carbon. Reduce aquarium odor??Third floor: Biological balls. Enhanced filtering.
PRODUCT PARAMETER:Voltage AC:110-120V / 60 Hz; Power:12W; Q.Max:158GPH; Sound:<40 dB; Cord length:5.9FT; Application:5-30 Gal; Dimension:5.9″”??4.33″”??6.3″”.


1.Connect the surface skimmer to the intake pipe and ?x it tightly??
2.Ensure the ?lter media is ?rmly placed in the ?lter housing. The ?rst ?lter layer is the bio-sponge, the second is activated carbon and the last is bio-balls.
3.Hang the installed ?lter on the aquarium and rotate the adjustment knob so as to keep the hang-on ?lter parallel. Adjust the intake pipe to the correct distance.
4.Fill the ?lter chamber with water.
5.Power on and adjust the surface skimmer; the minimum water level must be higher than the surface skimmer when using then the surface skimmer, which will ?oat on the water??If the surface skimmer doesn??t ?oat, you must adjust the water level.
6.Adjust the water ?ow appropriately.



Brand: Hygger


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