Hygger Super Mini Aquarium Single Sponge Filter

Size: Single S (0.5-5 gallon)


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Super quiet and more delicate bubbles:
Hidden outlet design, lower noise, more delicate bubbles.
More efficient and durable:
Double ribbing shape sponges design and made of premium materials.
Two sponges mean more surface area for beneficial bacteria filtering the aquarium water crystal clear. It also can remove the peculiar smell.
Mechanical and biological filtration:
The filter provides a wide surface area and develops high density nitrifying bacteria.
Increase dissolved oxygen and cultivate beneficial bacterial: Ceramic pearls filtration media will remove harmful substance and increase dissolved oxygen.
Easy to set up and clean:
It is easy to use and maintain, also easy to replace the sponge.
Suitable for shrimp, betta, tropical fish, planted tanks or others


Please install the filter according to the following
1.Open the package and rinse all parts with clean water from tank (Don’t rub), in order to remove the any debris or dust and clean the filter. Then soak the sponges in tank water for 10 minutes.
(Attention: For the single S, remove the air pipe side sponge , it used for replacing)
2.Fix the whole filter as above diagram.
3.Place the filter on the back wall of the aquarium with suction cups.
4.Connect the filter to air pump with an air tube, equipped with a check valve on the air tube to prevent flow-back of water during power failure.
Make sure all the connection is firm! Then turn on the air pump.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Connection tube with two sponge filter
(The air pipe side sponge is for replacing) IxSuction cup
1 x User manual
1 x Outlet pipe and air tube connection with one sponge filter
1 x One sponge filter for replacement 2xSuction cup
1 * User manual