Hygger Aquarium Filter Suitable for 0.16in~0.27in Thick Tanks

This is new multifunctional aquarium equipment, which perfectly combines filtration and lighting, two functions in one.


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  • Perfect for small tanks: Two in one filter and light saves space, it is suitable for smaller tanks, make the fish tank clean and tidy.
  • LED with a variety of color combinations??The aquarium light has various colors that can be adjusted accordingly to different requirements.
  • Low voltage supply: 12V – low voltage is safe to use, saving electric bills.
  • Easy to set up and maintain: The design of this filter is not only waterproof but also easy to set up, low maintenance.
  • It is suitable for stabilizing fish tanks with thickness 0.16in~0.27in, and it is more secure.


  1. The water in the tank enters the filter through the bottom of the product(The small water inlet can effectively prevent small fish and shrimps from being inhaled);
  2. Passes through the filter layer??
  3. Clean water flows out. Can Filtration/ Culture/ Oxygen.