hygger Adjustable Blue White LEDs Aquarium Light

14W (18-24 inch)
16W (24-30 inch)
20W (30-36 inch)
25W (36-46 inch)
32W (46-52 inch)


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Super bright: Using ultra strong Taiwan 5730 LEDS, provides enough brightness for viewing.
Energy saving: Using ultra energy efficient Taiwan 5730 LEDS, also can save energy.
Adjustable model: Three lighting modes like White, Red&Blue, Red &White& Blue. And also can adjust the bright of the light for 8 stages (100%-77%-55%-32%-10%-32%-55%-77%-100%).
Adjustable timer: Lighting time can be set like 3HS 6H??12H.
Extendable bracket: Extendable bracket makes the light fits different size aquariums in extendable range. The bracket is suitable for max 24mm thickness glass.
Durable LEDS: Using ultra strong Taiwan 5730 LEDS, long lasting. Suitable for plants: This led light with full spectrum for plants.


A.Unpack the light and check the components are complete or not? If short any item, please contact the seller.
B.Slide the adjustable bracket on the side of the fixture to match the length of your aquarium.
C.Connect the 12V DC transformer to the light, plug the transformer into outlet well. Ensure a drip loop is created before the outlet as shown on the warning.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Led Light
1 xAC/DC adaptor
2 x Plastic brackets
2 x Metal brackets
1 x Usermanual