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Aquarium lights

  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
  • Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light
Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank LightHygger Aquarium Fish Tank LightHygger Aquarium Fish Tank LightHygger Aquarium Fish Tank LightHygger Aquarium Fish Tank LightHygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light

Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light

  • Two Lighting Mode
  • 360° Rotation Arm
  • Ultra-thin aluminium alloy shell
  • WHITE & BLUE LIGHTS Adjustable
  • Description: Hygger Aquarium Fish Tank Light, White and Blue LEDs, Clip on Led Clamp Light for Aquarium Lighting, with Adjustable Clip Fits on Rimless or Black Rim Tank
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· 【For Aquarium Lighting】very bright, energy efficient and long lasting LEDs,they can last up to 20,000 hours of use, helps your aquarium plants growing and makes fish pets more alive and looks beatiful in water at day or night time

· 【Adjustable Light Neck】with a flexibel neck, the aquarium clamp light can be easily bent to any angle and position as you want, so that you can adjust the height from light to the water. The recommended lighting time is 8-10 hours per day

· 【2 Lighting Modes & Sizes 】white & blue LEDs for day use and blue LEDs for nightuse, there is a shift button on the bottom of light. 30 LEDs(6 blue+24 white): 13W, 0.7lbs , for fish tank 3.5 to 9 gallon. 45 LEDs(9 blue+36 white): 21W, 0.74lbs , for fish tank 10 to 20 gallon

· 【Clip Adjustable】for fish tank with no lid, you can clip this aquarium light on all glass tank or black rims, the clip is fixed with 2 strong plastic screws, the max tank wall thickness it can fits is up to 0.98 inch(or 2.5cm)

· 【12 Months Limited Warranty】please feel free to contact the seller at first time if the clip on aquarium light gets any quality issues. Please don't submerge the led light in water

Hygger clip on led aquarium light is designed for freshwater fish tank lighting, with blue and white LEDs, very bright and energy efficient, will make your plants and fish more alive and looks more beautiful under water, can meet the basic needs of fresh water fish keeping and aquarium plants growing.

Other features of this aquarium light:

· The LEDS is durable can last up to 20000 hours of lighting.

·  Easy to install, with 2 strong plastic screws to mount the light firmly to the tank wall.

·  Adjustable clip, fits on a glass tank or black rims with a thickness up to 0.98 inch (2.5cm).

·  With a 6.3 inch long flexible neck, can be bent to any angel.

·  2 lighting modes: White & Blue leds, Blue leds

·  With waterproof crystal case on the light to protect the leds from moistening.

·  Cables are long enough, the light cable is about 4ft and adapter cable is 4ft.

·  Light weight aquarium led light, the light weights less than 0.75lbs.

fish tank light

Crystal case to protect the leds from moisten

·  The waterproof crystal case is just for moisture prevent, it doesn't mean you can submerge the led light in water.

·  Remember to remove the protection film off the crystal case before use.

·  Please clean the light with a soft towel or sponge.

plant grow light

Mode 1: 6 blue + 24 white leds

White & Blue leds is for day time use

· Helps plant growing and sterilizes tank water.

· Green or red aquarium plants looks more clearer and alive under water.

plant led light

Mode 2: 6 Blue leds

Blue leds is for night time use

·  Creates mysterious blue fluorescence atmosphere.

·  Makes your fish pets looks more colourful under water.

led aquarium light

For all glass tank or black rims

The adjustable screw clamp width ranges from 0 to 0.98 inch, so this aquarium light can be used on all lidless tanks, glass tank or black rims. For firmly mounting, please install the clip correctly, keep the screw inside the tank wall rather than outside the tank wall.


·  Wattage: 13W/21W

·  2 Sizes: 30 LEDs (6 Blue + 24 White ), 45 LEDs(9 Blue + 36 White )

·   Fish Tank Size: 30 LEDs fits for 3.5-9 gallon, 45 LEDs fits for 10-20 gallon

·  Light Weight: 0.7lbs(30 LEDs), 0.74lbs(45 LEDs)

·  Kelvin: 9000-11000 K

·  Lumen: 1330 LM (30 LEDs), 1998LM (45 LEDs)

·  Cable Length: 4 ft+4 ft.

·  Adapter Power Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz

planted aquarium light

Promote aquarium plant grow

The white & blue leds are very bright, can light up your whole tank (3.5-9 gal), the water looks more pure, the green or red color of the plant looks more bright. You will enjoy the crystal and clear underwater world where the lovely fish swim around gently and plants grow quiety.

The white light can promote the plants growth, meet the basic light needs for plant photosynthesis.

Moreover, the white light can help sterilize the tank water, kill some bacteria that may do harm to the plants and aquarium fish, create a healthy aquarium environment.

The recommended lighting time is 8-10 hours.

fish tank clamp

Creates a blue magical dream underwater world

Under the blue leds light, your whole aquarium tank becomes very mysterious, like a magical dream world. The plants, stones, fish all puts on a new color. Perfect for night time use.

The recommended lighting time is 8-10 hours.

For the health of eyes, please don't look straight at the blue LEDS. Especially for young kids, please instal the light rightly to make sure they look down to the light rather than look up to the light.

Color sensitive designers, amblyope and little babies should keep far away from the blue leds.

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